In Nomine Patris

  1. Pearse goes to see Angie in the lab and tells her about the boys.
  2. Pearse's deduction from what information Angie has told him.
  3. Pearse's response to Angie when she tells him in the lab is were he will beat them in the end.

Sub Judice

  1. Pearse's response to Angie saying, "I get night terrors occasionally."
  2. Pearse's answer to Angie's question, "Is there anything else I should know apart from general fatigue."

Mea Culpa

  1. Pearse discussing his condition with Angie.
  2. Pearse's responce to Angie saying, She's not going to let him die.

Terra Incognita

  1. Pearse and the vampire.
  2. Pearse's response to Angie saying may be the vampires do want peace.
  3. Pearse's response to Angie saying may be they are evolving and we should keep an open mind.

Persona Non Grata

  1. Pearse telling Angie he will take his medication.
  2. Pearse's reply to Angie asking "Anything".
  3. Pearse's response to the vampire saying jumpingship twice never a good idea.


  1. At the Airport. Sam tells Charlie what he feels. Part 1
  2. Part 2.
  3. At the Aiport Charlie asks Sam what he wants.

The Governor

In this series Philip plays the partner of Helen who is the governor of a mens prison.

  1. The scene were Simon is cleaning the kitchen.
  2. Simon discussing with Helen the problem she has asked him to look at.

Brides of Christ

This series is set in a convent school in Australia. Philip plays Ian MacGregor in episode 3. Ian MacGregor is a school teacher who becomes friends with the Mother Superior.

  1. Ian MacGregor`s response to Mother Superior`s asking him did he know any prayers.
  2. MacGregor handing in his resignation
  3. MacGregor's response to Mother Superior asking he what he will do.

Police Rescue

Australian police drama series.

The Damnation of Harvey McHugh, Australian TV Drama Series.

This series is a political satire on Australian Civil Service.

Playschool Philip

Australian pre-school educational series.

  1. Three speckled frogs wave.
  2. Hairy scary bear wave.
  3. It's nice to have a cuddle wave.
  4. Splish, splash, splosh I'm having a wash wave.


Phil performing one of his bush ballards.

Article from The Daily Telegraph Sydney Australia Saturday 8 April 2000

Inspector Morse

In this series Philip plays the part of Dr Benfield who treats Morse when he is taken ill.

  1. Dr Benfield's response to Morse telling him how much he drinks.
  2. Dr Benfield's response to Morse saying, "I have years a head."


In this series Philip Quast plays Cornelius a General in Caesars army.

  1. Cornelius telling Caesar about the state of their defence.
  2. Cornelius talking to Marc Antony.
  3. Cornelius still talking to Octavius.


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Sons & Daughters
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Special Squad

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