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Well Philip Quast has appeared in a few Australian soaps in the past and this page has details, pictures and article covering those he has appeared in.

The Young Doctors
Sons & Daughters
A Country Practise
Special Squad

The Young Doctors

Nine Network-Grundy 1976-83

Medical drama series. Low budget soap from Australia detailing the lives of the doctors and nurses at the Albert Memorial Hospital, the show was mainly relationship led with the doctors and nurses often having affairs and the like.

Philip Quast played a doctor towards the end of The Young Doctors, called Rod Hawkins. Although the son of a missionary Rod knew how to charm the ladies which occasionally got him into trouble.

The Young Doctors Phil & Girls

LAZY DAYS in the hot summer sun are with us-and The Young Doctors are there in the swim. The hospital soapie has never looked so good, despite the fact that no more episodes will be made.

Some of the gorgeous girls-and a good-looking male or two-who've come into the series in the past couple of months joined some of the regular stars for the final on-location filming day.

The occasion was the training run for the annual swimming carnival between the Albert Memorial and City Hospital (to be screened early next year). Long-time Albert doctor Mike Newman (Peter Bensley) tries to whip up enthusiasm.

LEFT: Four newcomers who will add extra excitement to The Young Doctors are (from left: Totty Goldsmith, Julianne White, Philip Quast and Joanne Olsen.)

Phil & girl by pool

RIGHT: Philip Quast relaxes with Julianne White.


Sons & Daughters

7 Network-Grundys 1982-87

Drama series. the intertwined lives of two families - the working class Palmers and the well off Hamiltons.

Philip Quast played a character called Bob Mitchell ("Mitch") in the 1984 season of Sons & Daughters. He was a prison cell mate of a character called Terry Hansen. Terry was Fiona Thompson's son, whom she had been led to believe died a few days after he was born, but was in fact adopted out by her grandparents. Mitch tried to get Terry involved in some scams while he was trying to go "straight". He briefly dated Amanda Morrell, but then was paid by Karen Fox to pretend he was dead so that Karen Fox could emotionally blackmail Wayne Hamilton into thinking he had killed him (very complicated plot!). Mitch was eventually spotted and tracked down and Wayne discovered the truth. I think Mitch left the show at that point.


by Kevin Sadlier THE SUN Thursday 28 June 1984

Newcomer Philip Quast had an inauspicious welcome to the set of Sons & Daughters this week. The handsome young actor meeting the cast when he bent down to pat the S&D cattle dog, Susie. And Susie promptly bit him on the nose! That disrupted production of the popular serial for half an hour plus more delays yesterday while Philip took time off to have an anti-tetanus injection.

FORMER Young Doctors actor Philip Quast and experienced performer Tim Eliott are the latest additions to the ever-increasing cast of Sons And Daughters.

Bob Mitchell

The two began filming in the series' Seven Network studios in Sydney last week. Twenty-seven-year-old Philip, who appeared as Rod Hawkins in the final few episodes of The Young Doctors, has been signed to play Bob Mitchell.

"He has a problem with his fiery temper and that gets him into trouble a fair bit. He spends a lot of his time dealing with that, " Philip said. "He's very touchy, got a bit of a chip on his shoulder, and when his temper flares up he is potentially dangerous. I've been doing mostly theatre. Television, I've found, is a difficult medium for me. It's high pressure stuff and, as relaxation is a little bit of a problem for me, it's like throwing yourself in at the deep end," he said.

He is happy to have been signed for 13 weeks: "I think that will be enough for me at the moment. I wouldn't like to have a really long-term one. It can be such a drain. "

For experienced actor Tim Eliott, his recent addition to the series cast as Nat Fisher, ex-husband of Irene (Judy Nunn) and father of Todd (Michael Winchester), is his second appearance in the show. He played a character called Brian Ingleton in 1982 episodes of the series.

Stephen Cook

TV WEEK (Australia)


Seven Network 1981-93

Creator/Executive Producer: James Davern

A Country Practice dealt with the people and events in and around the rural hospital, veterinary practice, medical clinic and pub of Wandin Valley, a small fictional country town in New South Wales.

Philip Quast played a character called Billy Webb a sheep shearer in two episodes in 1984.

"On the Sheep's Back"

It is at the Waldin Valley club we are introduced to the character Billy Webb. Cookie is talking to Ernie Cullen, an old shearing friend of his. Who introduces some of the other shearers to him, Billy Webb and Dubbo, Ernie's son. He tells them that Cookie used to cook for them on the Dunbar range. Billy jokes that they used to call him "the baitlayer", didn't they? Billy complains about the "mug contractor" they're stuck with called Maloney.

The shearers are enjoying their "day off" at the Club. Billy Webb and Ernie bicker good naturedly about who's the better shearer.

The shearers prepare for their day of shearing at the Page property, oiling and priming the tools of their trade. Ernie expects they'll be able to do 150 per man or thereabouts. Billy Webb comes in, he's been looking at the sheep in the top paddock, sheep with scabby mouth. Richard insists that the sheep have been properly isolated and that he'll be shearing them. The shearers now think the whole property is infected and refuse to do any of the shearing. The shed is black banned.

Vicky the vet stops in at the Club to tell Ernie about the treatment of the infected lock at the Page property. She tells him they'll be able to start shearing in 48 hours. He says that they'll start as soon as they get the all clear. Billy Webb overhears and tells them that he's just been talking to Maloney and they've decided to move the Bartlet job up and do some additional sheds in Burrigan. Too bad for Page. It's punishment for the bad cook and the scabby mouth. Vicky is worried that the sheep will come down with blow fly strife if they don't get sheared soon. Billy is unmoved. Vicky stalks off to the sound of Billy's sexist remarks and Ernie asks what Billy thought he was doing.

Ernie stops in to talk to Richard Page. He gives him the bad news that the shearers are moving on. The shearers think they were being played for fools and refuse to relent in their decision to black ban the shed.

Ernie tries to convince Billy to fit the Page property in somehow. Don't they even care about the sheep? When Billy suggests that Ernie's been given a bribe, Ernie gets angry.

Vicky pronounces Page's flock free of scabby mouth. At the Bartlet farm, Ernie's back starts bothering him. He insists he's doing great and bets Billy that he can beat Billy in the tally board, $10 for every wool Billy does more than Ernie. Ernie is red faced and struggling as he shears. Billy pulls ahead on the tally board. Ernie collapses while dragging another sheep in and is taken to the hospital. Ernie's damaged his coccyx. Only rest will help.

Ernie gets up to leave the hospital but can barely stand. Vicky drops in to make sure Ernie is OK. He asks about the Page sheep and she assures him that they are all clear. Ernie is truly sorry but can't force the men to lift the ban. Together, Page, Charlie, Vicky, Bob, and Frank help herd the Page sheep onto Bartlet's property so they can be sheared.

Billy is impressed with Ernie's move to help get Richard Page's sheep sheared. Ernie stands firm, though, and reasons that the shed was declared black, not the sheep. He thinks they should put it to a vote and Billy's suggests they need to vote in a new union rep. They square off for a fight but are interrupted by Dubbo insisting that Billy fight him first. Billy refuses to hit a kid and the other shearers agree with Ernie and Dubbo, that the Page matter be put to a vote. The vote goes in Page's favour.

Billy and the rest of the shearers are talking in the Club when Richard page comes in to thank Ernie for his help. Richard's been talking to the other property owners, they're fed up with Maloney and wonder if Ernie would be interested in becoming the new local contractor. Ernie says he'll think about it.


Network Ten, August1984 - April 1985

Producer: Raymond Menmuir

Special Squad was an action adventure series concerning the activities of three hand-picked detectives working for a special unit of the police force. Inspired by "The Professionals" and employing two of that show's producers (Raymond Menmuir and Gerry O'Hara), the squad's members were Anderson (Alan Cassell), Smith (Anthony Hawkins), and Davis (John Diedrich). Special Squad was produced in 1984, and also employed the Sweeney and Professionals writer Ranald Graham.

Philip Quast played a character called "Jaeger" in episode: "The Würzburg Link" (episode 8) this episode aired 18 Oct 1984.

The episode was written by David Phillips by & directored by Catherine Millar

In this episode the Special Squad is forced to deal with international terrorism.



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