The Governor

by Lynda La Plante
A six part drama series, shown on ITV 1996.

Philip Quast appears in the second series of The Governor in episodes 4, 5 and 6. These episodes aired on 13th, 20th and 27th April 1996.

In this series he plays the boyfriend of Helen Hewitt played by Janet McTeer. His character is called Simon Lennox.

The first series was a big hit with viewers and was even praised in unexpected quarters (Letters were received from prisoners commending the drama).

In the last episode of series one Helen Hewitt knew her caretaker role as Prison Governor at Barfield prison was at an end. But know She's back and her return couldn't be more dramatic. She's been away studying seize procedures in US prisons and her new found expertise is needed to defuse a hostage drama in the opening episode of this tense drama.

In this second series former Governor Helen Hewitt, now an expert in hostage procedure, is called back to Barfield when a warder is seized by a knife welding prisoner. After the hostage situation, Helen Hewitt is reinstated as the Governor.

This series shows the Governor dealing with violent, brutal and corrupt inmates and warders in volatile situations, which intrude on Helen's personal life and leads to a dramatic last episode.

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Episode 4

In this episode Helen Hewitt's task as the governor of Barfield prison does not get any easier, with many of the stains of the old regime still getting in the way.

We also get a glimpse of her lawyer lover Simon (Philip Quast) who she seduces the moment he walks through the door. He tells her over a glass of champagne, he may be made a junior partner. Helen asks him to rap his intellect around the file on the hostage drama as she wants his help.

After dinner Helen tries to get Simons attention as he is watching a film. She teases him by telling him she should have accepted Turnbul's offer of dinner (Turnbul is the lawyer representing the prisoner who took the prison officer hostage). Simon gets his own back by starting a pillow fight on the settee, Helen gets up and rushes to the bathroom to be sick. The next morning Simon is cleaning up the mesh Helen has left in the kitchen asking her was the pan she hadn't used. Helen asks about the file. He tells her Turnbul is good.

Simon iand Helen Simon Helen in bed, Simon Helen in bed 2Simon in Bed

Simon in Bed 2Simon Simon doing the dishesSimon in Kitchen

Episode 5

In the penultimate episode of the series Helen is finally getting control of the volatile situation at Barfield. She asks Simon to help the officer who was taken hostage in the first episode and who will never be fit to return to work in a prison. He tells her the only chance the officer has of getting compensation is suing the Home Office but they will know she was behind it and so she would be risking her career. Helen is willing to take the risk so he agrees to take the case.

Helen still has a few problems though one of which is the accusation that Barfield has a corrupt prison officer. Brian and Eugene two inmates offer to tape the officer, but the scheme backfires. Left on the wing without his friend Brian is sexual attacked by another inmate.

SimonSimon 2Simon 3

Simon 4{short description of image}Simon 5

Episode 6

It's the day of the operetta and Helen also has another appointment concerning her feeling ill, the results of which lead to her being a bit shocked.

The attack on Brian in last week's episode also leads to serious repercussions this week. Brian not able to talk to anyone about the attack and the separation from his best mate slips further into depression, which leads to him taking his own life. Anger and pain on hearing death of his mate lead to Eugene joining a group of seriously violent inmates held on the special wing who plan to escape using explosives and weapons they have had smuggled into the prison. Their bid for freedom leads to Eugene with a sawn off shot gun having a dramatic confrontation with Hewitt who is just returning to the prison after braking some dramatic news to who makes a proposal.

Simon and HelenSimon 6Simon 7Simon and Helen

Simon with flowersSomin with flowers 2Simon and HelenSimon and Helen

One interesting bit of Trivia for fans Idris Elba who played Vaughan Rice in Ultraviolet also appears in this series. He plays the character Officer Chiswick.

Sound clips from 'The Governor'

  1. The scene were Simon is cleaning the kitchen
  2. Simon discussing with Helen the problem she has asked him to look at.



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