Stars Come Out


at the Sydney State Theatre

to celebrate the opening of Sydney's Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras

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We would like to thank Matthew Watson for providing us with the following details:

Philip Quast performed a song called "I was here" and according to him it was fantastic!!!! He says that someone said the following :

"Best of all, Philip Quast singing *that* song. The foyer was abuzz afterwards....Mitchell tells me that the song was written especially for Philip by the writers of 'Ragtime', Lynn Aherns (?) and Stephen Flaherty. Wonderful song, magnificently performed - and isn't it a crime that Quast has never been recorded for a solo album??""

I think all agree with the last statement about a solo album: )

Stars Come Out A Review of Philip's performance by Matthew Watson

The Stars Come Out Concert at the State Theatre in Sydney is the opening showcase of Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and continues a five year tradition of presenting a variety concert starring member of the gay and lesbian community as well as noted performers from many fields of entertainment.

This years concert had a fantastic cast including as you all know the fabulous Philip Quast.

Now to the part that you are all interested in.

The first half of the concert was progressing well with entertaining acts and then all of a sudden that stage went dark and there was and the theatre went quite, waiting for the next act. Then soft lighting appeared on the stage and the band started playing, soon after appearing with no fanfare at all from the left of the stage wearing a black t-shirt and suit was none other than Philip Quast.

As he appeared the 2000 audience members let off a huge cheer and applauded him before he had even started to sing. Philip sang a beautiful song called 'I was here'. It was my first time seeing Philip appear live and he was just fantastic, his voice is so emotive and powerful at the same time, lending a sense of meaning and purpose to the song. The song was reportedly writted especially for him, and sounds as if it is from a musical or a modern narative style caberet song.

At the conclusion of his performance Philip received a tremedious applause, from the entire appreciative audience.

On a personal note it was an evening that I will never forget not only did I get to see Philip perform live but I also had a fantastic night.

The following short quote about Philip came from Capital Q Weekly 18 Feb 2000.

"Philip Quast delivered another powerful performance"

Excerpt from Review of the Concert that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald


THE STARS COME OUT!, State Theatre, February 12 Reviewed by BRYCE HALLETT

"For high-wattage star power, Philip Quast, Judi Connelli and Nancye Hayes truly shone. Quast is a commanding and exciting talent and not seen here often enough, while Connelli, true to form and full of surprises, persuasively realised a dramatic turn from Gypsy with such vigour, instinct and intensity that one wishes for the day that she can be cast in a production of the musical or a concert version at the very least."



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