Emoh Ruo (1985)

Les and Des

Directed by Denny Lawrence & Produced by David Elfick

Les selling tires.

Written by Paul Leadon & David Poltorak




Des and Terri Tunkley are a young, happily married couple. Although Terri is desperate to live in a proper home after living six years in a caravan park and watching a television advertisement exaggerating the joys of home ownership, she even visits Margaret York at Ostrol a stylish, slick, smooth talking and very smart saleswoman. At first, Des is none too excited about leaving their relaxed life by the sea especially as he would have to sell his boat to afford the deposit.

Things come to a head at their barbecue when it gets washed out and they, the rest of their family and friends land up all squashed inside their caravan. This is the end of the line of the line for Terri she has had enough of living like this and gets very angry and extremely upset. The next day Terri returns home to find Des has sold his boat for the deposit.

{short description of image}At first they have a great time buying things for the new house, but soon things start too fall apart, especially the house. They cannot stand their neighbours and they are having to work all the hours they physically can to try and keep up the repayments. These and other problems soon mount up. When it seems things can't get any worse Des loses his driving license, which could have been even worse if his brother Les (Philip Quast) a successful owner of a Tire Dealership and his wife Helen (Louise Le May) hadn't helped out in court.

Terri is upset and angry about Des losing his licence, and accuses him of never completing anything he starts. To prove her wrong he works night and day to complete a back yard barbecue. Just when things seem to hit rock bottom, Des is served with an eviction notice but he is so exhausted and tied trying to finish the barbecue he forgets about the letter. Terri finds out it was Ostrol who approved the house so she goes to pay Margaret York a visit.

Des finishes the barbecue and invites friends and family over. When they arrive they are all astounded by what he has built. Helen suggests to Les that he give Des a job but he says they only thing Des is good at is building barbecues. The moment he says it he has a brilliant idea and starts going round selling barbecues to the guests that Des would build. This leads eventually to them having a successful business together. The barbecue lands up with a big bang when the house collapses leaving only the barbecue standing.

Les gets an idea 1.

Review by Angela Pollard

This movie is light-hearted comedy. All the actors perform wonderfully. Genevieve Mooy was deservedly nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role award for her role as Margaret York and Joy Smithers also gave a very good performance. Their characters where superb and well written. As for Philip Quast well his role wasn't very large. The best way to describe it, is that of character part. Although he portrayed the role of a bit tactless, joval saleman, who needs serious help with his dress sense, with a very large cataplillar moustache brilliantly.

Unfortunately although the film is well made and has it's humorous and entertaining moments, it is let down by the script which is not strong enough in all areas. As I pointed out some characters where well written where as others do not have enough quality material to work with. Some of the jokes and funny situations where a bit flat and old hat. I am not saying the movie is not worth watching it is and not because of Mr Quast but just to watch Genevieve Mooy.

Les gets an idea 2.Les smiling.



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